Sinful Flavours


our most popular flavours

Chocolate mud | Raspberry chocolate | Banana

Banana caramel | Coffee cinnamon | Mango coconut

Hazelnut chocolate | Chocolate mint | Raspberry white

Raspberry coconut | Banana walnut | Banana chocolate

Mocha | Coffee walnut | Cinnamon | Orange poppy

Orange chocolate | Orange almond | Lemon poppy | Cherry ripe | Mango coconut | Caramel | Marble

Caramel chocolate | White chocolate | Fruit cake

more flavours?

Ask if something is not listed - we can cater for all tastes!

All cakes designed, baked and decorated on the premises - Fresh is Best!

You can order you cake today, or find us at our boutique store in at 20 Shaw Street, Bexley North.

All Shop cakes must be ordered 1 week before collection (preferable before 1pm on day of order).

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